Understanding your governing document

Vision, mission and values

The Management Committee of the organisation has the responsibility for both establishing and protecting the overarching purpose, fundamental values and ethical principles which govern the activiti

Trustee expenses and payments (Charity Commission)

The Charity Commission for England and Wales has available on their website a number of resources regarding remuneration of trustees (i.e.

Community Interest Companies Info Pack (CIC Regulator)

An overview document explaining the legal features of Community Interest Companies, produced by the CIC Regulator.

Info sheet: Community Interest Companies

A community interest company (CIC) is a limited liability company created with the specific aim of providing benefit to a community.

Charity Regulation

Charity Regulation

Setting up a company (SCNI factsheet)

This booklet, produced by Supporting Communities NI, provides general guidelines to assist voluntary organisations who are considering setting up a company. It includes information on legal structures and advice on managing the potential changes to an organisation.  Please note that further advice should be obtained from a solicitor or business consultant.

Annual General Meeting (SCNI factsheet)

  • Why does a group have an A.G.M?
  • What is the significance of such a meeting?

Understanding your constitution (SCNI)

This booklet has been produced by Supporting Communities NI to explain how community groups become legally constituted.

Legal responsibilities: where can I get more information?

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are a range of recommended sources of further information and advice regarding the legal responsibilities of Management Committees.

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