Organising the committee's work

What is the role of the finance sub-committee?

The role of the finance sub-committee is to share the workload of the Treasurer in managing and monitoring the organisation's finances.

Governance Health Check

This governance health check is a self assessment tool which has been devised by the Developing Governance Group as a prac

Getting it done (Community Change)

A basic guide to action planning, produced by Community Change.

Annual General Meeting (SCNI factsheet)

  • Why does a group have an A.G.M?
  • What is the significance of such a meeting?

The A.G.M. is the key to your organisation's year - it is an opportunity to inform the Community of the work that your group has been involved in throughout the year while encouraging more community support and drawing in new committee members with fresh ideas.

Drafting agendas for meetings

A suggested agenda structure for management committee meetings.

Click here for a suggested format for taking minutes.

Recording minutes of committee meetings

A suggested format for how minutes of management committee meetings should be structured and recorded.

The secretary's role at meetings

The Secretary is crucial to the smooth running of a Management Committee meeting. This involves activities before, during and after Committee meetings.

Characteristics of a good treasurer

The treasurer of a management committee plays a vital role. Below are summarised some of the key qualities and skills required for an effective treasurer.

Characteristics of a good secretary

The role of Secretary of a Management Committee can be key to the efficient functioning of the Committee, particularly in organisations with few or no paid staff members.

Characteristics of a good chairperson

The chairperson plays a key role on any voluntary management committee.  Below are summarised some of the key qualities, skills and knowledge that are characteristic of an effective chairperso

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