Skills and experience

Governance Health Check

This governance health check is a self assessment tool which has been devised by the Developing Governance Group as a prac

Prove & Improve: A Self-Evaluation Resource (CENI)

'Prove & Improve' is a self-evaluation resource for voluntary and community organisations. 

Legal responsibilities: where can I get more information?

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are a range of recommended sources of further information and advice regarding the legal responsibilities of Management Committees.

Worksheet: Self-assessment for committee members

This self-assessment sheet is designed to enable you to reflect on your role as a management committee member, identifying areas for development where you would like further support, training or in

Checklist: How effective is your committee?

How well does your committee know its role and carry out its responsibilities?  Use this handy checklist to review your committee's performance.

Information and advice

Management committee/board members should ensure that they receive the appropriate advice and information they need in order to make good decisions.

(Supporting principle to Principle 3 of The Code of Good Governance)


Organising the committee's work

The management committee/board should organise its work to ensure that it makes the most effective use of the time, skills and knowledge of management committee/board member
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