Performance appraisal

Governance Health Check

This governance health check is a self assessment tool which has been devised by the Developing Governance Group as a prac

NOS for Trustees and Management Committee Members

These National Occupational Standards (NOS) define good practice in the way management committee members carry out their role.

They can be used:

Checklist: Improving management committee/staff relations

A checklist of key steps which management committees can take to help create a positive basis for their relationship with staff and volunteers.

Worksheet: Carrying out a skills diversity audit

A skills diversity audit can be used to identify areas of knowledge or skill that need to be developed, either within the existing management committee or through targeted recruitment of new members.

Using the attached document, you can facilitate a simple audit exercise with your own management committee.

Monitoring and evaluation

The Management Committee is responsible for monitoring all areas of the organisation's activity, and for evaluating it to determine the impact, quality and effectiveness of its work. 

Checklist: How effective is your committee?

How well does your committee know its role and carry out its responsibilities?  Use this handy checklist to review your committee's performance.

Want to go one step further?  Use the action plan template to plan and document what steps you will take to improve your committee's performance.

Dealing with poor attendance

Poor attendance is a common problem for management committees.  This makes it difficult for committees to apply consistent, good quality, collective decision making.

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