Engaging with stakeholders

Strategic Plan Step 1: Who should be involved?

The first stage in development of a strategic plan for the organisation involves determining who needs to be involved in the planning process.

Managing change

Every organisation will at some point face change. These changes may be relatively small, or they may impact greatly across the organisation. They may be as a result of internal developments (e.g.

Prove & Improve: A Self-Evaluation Resource (CENI)

'Prove & Improve' is a self-evaluation resource for voluntary and community organisations. 

Community Change

Established in 1981, Community Change is a regional capacity building organisation using the community development process.

Annual General Meeting (SCNI factsheet)

  • Why does a group have an A.G.M?
  • What is the significance of such a meeting?

Conducting a survey (SCNI)

This factsheet has been produced by Supporting Communities NI.

Strategic Plan Step 2: Where are we now?

Those involved in the strategic planning process must start with reviewing the present circumstances and characteristics of the organisation.

Facing closure

This must be the worst situation for Management Committee members (as well as for everyone else who is part of the organisation), but unfortunately, closure does happen.

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