What is the role of the finance sub-committee?

The role of the finance sub-committee is to share the workload of the Treasurer in managing and monitoring the organisation's finances.

The sustain game (Community Change)

The purpose of this leaflet is to outline a variety of opportunities for community groups with regard to their sustainability.

Clued up about dough (Community Change)

A user-friendly leaflet guiding you through the main finance-related tasks carried out by a typical voluntary or community group over the course of one year, complete with "jargon buster".

VAT (SCNI factsheet)

Supporting Communities NI has produced this VAT booklet to highlight for community groups the different rates of VAT imposed and how VAT may affect them. Contact details have been made available to enable groups to telephone and discuss their individual case.

Currently Supporting Community NI factsheets are only available as hard copies that you can order free of charge by contacting them on 028 2564 5676  or at [email protected]

Records and book-keeping for community groups (SCNI factsheet)

When a group is formed, constituted and office bearers elected, one of the first tasks to be undertaken by the Treasurer is to develop a good accounting system.  The ideal book-keeping system should be simple enough to allow you to keep records up to date with minimum effort while providing the necessary information to run and control the organisation.

Terms of reference: Finance sub-committee

Click in the box below to download example terms of reference for a finance and personnel sub-committee.

Best practice in finance and governance (DSD)

A Department for Social Development best practice manual outlining the standards of practice expected in voluntary and community sector organisations which they fund.

Finance: where can I get more information?

The list below details where you can find information on the specific topics you are interested in. We have tried to identify exactly which page of the websites you can access the information.

Advice Note: Collections for charities and donors (NICVA)

An article to raise awareness of what the law has to say about collections in Northern Ireland. Produced by NICVA Member Services.

Advice Note: Lotteries (NICVA)

A simple guide to the legislation about lotteries. Produced by NICVA Member Services.

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