Worksheet: Develop a role description

The following pro-forma will assist you to draw up a role description for the Management Committee and office-bearers.  Use a separate sheet for each role.

Example committee member role descriptions

All management committee members should receive copy of a written role description providing clear information about the roles and responsibilities and expected commitment of manag

Checklist: What new members need to know

Whether you are organising induction for new members or you have just joined a management committee, this checklist summarises the information and documentation which new members will require to be

Help! How to induct new members

Induction is one of the most practical ways of ensuring new Management Committee members understand their role, the workings of the organisation and their relationship with others in and outside th

Help! How to recruit new members

Whether you have people queuing up to join your Management Committee or are struggling to find new members, it's worth having a look at how you recruit.

Help! Defining the committee member's role

For many organisations, the role of Management Committee members is implicitly understood rather than having been written down and agreed.

Help! Identifying who you need on your committee

Management Committees operate most effectively when their members come with different skills, knowledge, backgrounds and experiences.

Help! Electing office bearers

Office bearers or honorary officers can be recruited using similar methods as are used for Management Committee Members, but specific guidelines will exist for how your organisation elects and appo

Help! Recruitment and governing documents

Your group/organisation's governing document (e.g. constitution) sets down rules and guidelines that should be followed in the recruitment and selection of your Management Committee members.

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