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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Volunteer Now)

Volunteer Now was commissioned by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS), to develop this publication, which contains minimum standards of best practice and guidance f

Risk management: where can I get more information?

Want to know more about risk management?  Listed below are some of the most useful resources for organisations in the Northern Ireland voluntary and community sector.


Example risk management templates

The attached templates can be downloaded and adapted for use within your own organisation.

Worksheet: Rating risks

A simple tool to help you systematically analyse and categorise the risks faced by your organisation according to their likelihood and level of impact.

Insurance information (SCNI)

  • Why should your group have insurance?
  • What are the benefits of being insured?
  • What type of insurance will adequately cover the requirements of your group?

Health and safety information for small businesses

This booklet, entitled Protect your Profit, has been produced on behalf of the 26 legacy Councils

Best practice in finance and governance (DSD)

A Department for Social Development best practice manual, published in 2005, outlining the standards of practice expected in voluntary and community sector organisations which they fund.

Advice Note: Risk assessment (NICVA)

Risk assessment is careful examination of what could potentially cause harm to people. It involves identifying the hazards present and then evaluating the extent of the risk they pose.

Worksheet: Managing risks

A simple tool to help you systematically document the steps you already take or will take to reduce and manage the risks faced by your organisation.

Worksheet: Identifying risks

A simple tool to help you systematically identify and record the risks faced by your organisation.

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