The management committee/board should ensure proper arrangements for the supervision, support, appraisal and remuneration of all staff including the employee in the most sen

Employing people (NI Business Info)

The NI Business Info site includes a very useful section on Employing People. Material is relevant to voluntary and community sector organisations employing staff.

Content includes guidance on your legal obligations as an employer with a number of interactive tools to help you assess current employment practices or even create terms and conditions of employment.

Equal opportunities and diversity (NI Business Info)

The NI Business Info site provides helpful guidance and resources on:

Ways of supervising your senior staff member

There are several ways to supervise your organisation's senior staff member. Supervision can be done by:

Terms and conditions for staff

NICVA's Staff Handbook is an up to date example of staff terms and conditions in the voluntary and community sector.

Basic rights at work

Basic Rights at Work is a comprehensive and up to date online advice gu

Checklist: Management committee responsibilities for paid staff

A brief checklist regarding the employment responsibilities of the management committee.

Good Employment Guide (NICVA)

This ten-chapter guide provides practical information and guidance on employment of staff from recruitment through to termination of employment.  Published by NICVA.

Employment: where can I get more information?

Want to know where to go for detailed information and advice?

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