strategic planning

Strategic Plan Step 1: Who should be involved?

The first stage in development of a strategic plan for the organisation involves determining who needs to be involved in the planning process.

What is strategic planning?

A key function of the Management Committee is to determine the direction and scope of the organisation over the longer term.

Vision, mission and values

The Management Committee of the organisation has the responsibility for both establishing and protecting the overarching purpose, fundamental values and ethical principles which govern the activiti

Planning for the future (Community Change)

Planning for the Future, produced by Community Change.

Getting it done (Community Change)

A basic guide to action planning, produced by Community Change.

Example strategic plans

Every organisation develops its own way of documenting their strategic plan.

Producing a business/development plan (SCNI)

A Business/Development Plan is a working document which helps groups explain what they want to achieve and the steps they will take to achieve it.

Best practice in finance and governance (DSD)

A Department for Social Development best practice manual, published in 2005, outlining the standards of practice expected in voluntary and community sector organisations which they fund.

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