The management committee/board should periodically carry out reviews of all aspects of the organisation's work, starting with its governing document, and use the results to inform positive change.

(Supporting principle to Principle 4 of The Code of Governance)

Why carry out a review?

In order to remain effective, the management committee needs to ensure that it anticipates and responds to a changing internal and external environment.  A comprehensive review enables the committee to ensure that:

  • the needs for which the organisation were set up still exist;
  • its objects, as set out in the governing document remain relevant to those needs;
  • the organisation continues to be able to meet those needs; and
  • the needs are being met in the most effective way.

Some organisations may find it helpful to incorporate this into their strategic planning process.

What should be covered in the review?

A review should consider the organisation's:

  • governing document, ostanding orders, purposes, mission and vision;
  • the management committee - how it functions and its effectiveness;
  • staffing and volunteer structures, working methods and operational policies and procedures;
  • mechanisms for internal control and performance reporting;
  • mechanisms for planning and budgeting;
  • sub-committees, working groups and advisory bodies; and
  • relations with stakeholders and arrangements for communication and consultation with them.

How can the review be used?

The management committee can use the review to:

  • inform its strategic planning;
  • make changes and improvements to the organisation's activities;
  • generate creative and innovative approaches to the organisation's development;
  • improve the overall effectiveness and governance of the organisation; and
  • communicate and consult with stakeholders.

(Adapted from the UK's Code of Governance)

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