Annual General Meeting (SCNI factsheet)

  • Why does a group have an A.G.M?
  • What is the significance of such a meeting?

The A.G.M. is the key to your organisation's year - it is an opportunity to inform the Community of the work that your group has been involved in throughout the year while encouraging more community support and drawing in new committee members with fresh ideas.

A factsheet has been developed by Supporting Communities NI for use by community groups.  It will take you through the steps necessary to properly prepare the group for the A.G.M., highlighting the importance of your constitution or governing document and providing, as a guideline, a typical agenda for the meeting.

Currently factsheets are only available as hard copies that you can order free of charge by contacting Supporting Communities NI on 028 2564 5676 or at [email protected]

Click here for the full list of SCNI factsheets.