Community Change

Overview of Community Change.

Established in 1981, Community Change is a regional capacity building organisation using the community development process.  We deliver facilitation, training, and one to one development support throughout Northern Ireland.  Development support on a range of specialised areas is tailor made to meet the specific needs of the client group.  We work with staff, management committees, volunteers and various partnership arrangements building capacity, knowledge and skills, promoting and ensuring good practice, creating and implementing new policies and procedures and all aspects and types of planning and development.  We work at times, venues and level suitable to the group/organisation.

Community Change areas of expertise are:

Facilitation, training and support in these main areas:

  • Management Committee Skills and Development;
  • Good Governance;
  • Strategic and Action Planning;
  • Organisational Planning;
  • Managing Change;
  • Partnership and Collaborative working;
  • Financial Management;
  • Community Involvement; and
  • Good Practice.
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