COVID-19 Guidance for Charities Experiencing Financial Difficulties

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has recently added guidance for charities experiencing financial difficulties to its COVID-19 page. The guidance is designed for charity trustees, especially of smaller charities, who may not have access to professional financial advice.

It sets out some practical steps charity trustees can take to manage their charity through these financial difficulties and, if necessary, plan for the uncomfortable possibility that your charity may not survive this crisis. You will find information on:

  • assessing your charity’s current financial situation
  • identifying when your charity is at risk of running out of funds
  • developing a recovery plan
  • charity trustee liability
  • what to do if your charity cannot continue to operate because of the impact of COVID-19

The guidance can be accessed on the Commission's website using this link.

The Commission is continually updating its COVID-19 guidance on the website to ensure it meets the needs of charities.

Some topics the guidance covers are:

  • Annual Reporting
  • Charity registration, including expressions of intent
  • Responding to queries and requests
  • Serious Incidents
  • Data Protection
  • Trading subsidiaries in financial difficulties

The details of these measures can be found at this link.