Practical GDPR Guidance from Fundraising Regulator and Institute of Fundraising

The Fundraising Regulator has worked with the Institute of Fundraising to produce 6 briefings on GDPR, which was reviewed by the Information Commissioner's Office.

These bitesize guides are designed to be as accessible and as relevant as possible for fundraisers.

Briefing papers 1 and 2 summarise what GDPR is and why its important for charities and fundraisers.

Briefing papers 3 to 6 focus on 4 specific fundraising methods (community fundraising, corporate fundraising, legacy fundraising and charitable trust fundraising) and what GDPR means for practice in these areas.

  1. GDPR and charitable fundraising: An Introduction
  2. Spotlight on fundraising
  3. Spotlight on community fundraising
  4. Spotlight on corporate fundraising
  5. Spotlight on legacies
  6. Spotlight on charitable trust fundraising


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