Rainbow Project Wins Leadership and Good Governance Award

The Leadership and Good Governance Award, organised by the VSB Foundation in partnership with CO3 and Volunteer Now, recognises voluntary organisations, which are working hard to improve their governance. The Rainbow Project has won the award in this inaugural year.

The Rainbow Project aims to promote the Health and Wellbeing of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual people and their families in Northern Ireland.

Duane Farrell, Chair of the Rainbow Project said, “We are delighted to win this award as it recognises the focus we have put on continuously improving our governance in The Rainbow Project so that we can better meet the needs of those people we work with and for”. 

Wendy Osborne, OBE, Chief Executive, Volunteer Now explained “Leadership and Good Governance is key to what steers an organisation in the right path. The different components of the organisation would not function correctly without leadership and ensuring procedures are followed is down to governance. I am delighted to see the Rainbow Project winning this award. It is great to see organisations recognising the need for Leadership and Good Governance in delivering high quality services”.

To find out more on Leadership and Good Governance or to improve these skills, check out our website at www.volunteernow.co.uk or our social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter).

Nora Smith, CEO, CO3 commented “The inaugural Awards have proven to be a huge success. It has provided a platform to showcase the strong leadership of Boards within our sector. It is so important that we highlight good practice, learning and sharing from one another.

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