Using the Code of Governance

How do you show your organisation is using the new Code of Governance?  

  • Circulate copies of the Code of Good Governance to members of your management committee/board to increase awareness of the best practice standards expected.  (See below for relevant links) 
  • Benchmark your current practices against the key principles and supporting principles that form the best practice standard.  This can help to identify and prioritise areas for development or improvement.  Why not use our NEW Governance Health Check tool! 
  • Use to access further guidance and resources, structured under the principles of the Code.  Many of the member organisations of the Developing Governance Group will be able to provide practical assistance in terms of advice, training and support.
  • Subscribe to the Code.  Organisations that comply with the Code are invited to state this in their Annual Report and other relevant published material, demonstrating their commitment to good governance.