Skills Audit

Management committee/board members should have or ensure that they have access to the diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge needed to run the organisation effectively.

The responsibilities of the management committee vary widely and it is unlikely that each member will possess all the skills, experience and knowledge required. Indeed, some committee members may have been recruited specifically for their skills in a particular area. However, you should ensure that, as a collective, the committee holds the necessary expertise.

Finding and recruiting new board members

Keeping a management committee fresh, focused and effective has to involve regular renewal of its membership.  This enables the committee to periodically review what skills or attributes the committee requires to meet the changing challenges and demands of the organisation.  It can also help to strengthen the commitment and enthusiasm of individual committee members, by introducing mechanisms for limiting their term of office.

Recruiting new members onto a Management Committee is not as straightforward as recruiting for other voluntary roles:


The Election Process

There are a variety of ways of re-electing the committee. One way to provide continuity is for a third of the committee to retire each year. Some organisations hold elections every two years. The minimum and maximum number of Management Committee members and the process for election is often set down in the governing document. Remember that it is good practice to review your governing document and make changes or amendments to it to ensure that your organisation is governed effectively.

Help! Electing Office Bearers


Only Management Committee members can be office bearers.  Therefore any individuals recruited for these positions must go through the relevant procedures for committee membership.

Recruiting new office bearers

Officers of the Management Committee can be recruited using the same range of methods as those used for Management Committee members.