Cyber Security

Trustees of charities are responsible for safeguarding the assets and reputation of the charity they are involved with.  Maintaining good cyber security is now a key risk for charities as so much of our work is done online.

Whether it is protection for financial details and banking or data breaches, trustees need to consider the measures they are taking to safeguard the work of the organisation in an online world.

The Police Service for Northern Ireland outlines some of the ways criminals may use the internet to attack a charity.

Criminals using computer technology, may attempt to commit different types of crime, ranging from the theft of personal information, the transfer of financial assets to the seizing of business computer systems for ransom.

There are a range of information resources which are now in place to support organisations looking at being safer online:

Should your organisation fall victim to an online attack, you may need to report it to the police and other regulators such as the Information Commissioner or the Charity Commissioner.