Effectiveness is at the heart of good mangement committee delivery.

Efficiently run committees are more likely to be able to secure and retain the commitment and enthusiasm of all their members. This has to make organising the committee's work effectively a high priority.

Well-organised committees have the following features:

  • Strong leadership - the chairperson has clear visibility of the committee's work and leads in planning how and when their responsibilities will be carried out;
  • Effective meetings - meetings are well-planned with advance papers, a clear agenda and agreed guidelines for how time, contributions and decisions are managed. Minutes are taken with note of agreed actions to be taken forward;
  • Delegation - the committee delegates responsibilities to honorary officers, sub-committees and working groups, as appropriate, to make efficient use of time and skills; and
  • Broad involvement - all committee members are encouraged to make active contributions to meetings and are willing and able to take on responsibility for actions, as appropriate to their skills and experience.

Checklist on effectiveness