The management committee must ensure the organisation understands and complies with all legal and regulatory requirements that apply to it. 

Members of the Management Committee of are equally  responsible in law for the actions and decisions of the committee.  They are responsible for ensuring that the organisation complies with the law in all aspects of its work, this may include a wide range of activities from finance to service delivery aspects such as insurance, food hygiene or child protection.  There is a wide range of different information on the DIY Committee Guide in relation to the different aspects of legal responsibility.  Please see below for a few of the common issues and use the search facility for more detailed information on a particular aspect of the law. 

  • Charity Legislation
  • Charity Finance and Accounting
  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety
  • Equality Legislation
  • Common Law

For an overview of the areas above, please see legal responsibilities at a glance.

For more specific information on legal issues please see the information sheet - Legal Issues:  Where can I get more information