Stakeholder involvement

The Code of Governance indicates that an effective board will listen and respond to the views of beneficiaries, service users, funders and supporters with an interest in the organisation's work.

In order to be open, responsive and accountable, management committees need to actively engage with their organisation's stakeholders.   Entering into dialogue with stakeholders can bring a number of benefits to the management committee and the organisation:

  • it ensures the organisation continues to meet their needs and address any concerns;
  • it keeps the management committee in touch with changing environments and requirements; and
  • it increases their engagement with and support for the organisation.

It is therefore worthwhile reviewing who are the stakeholders in your organisation and how you engage with them.

Identifying your stakeholders

Stakeholders will vary according to the nature of the organisation, but the following groups should be considered:

  • service users;
  • suppliers;
  • beneficiaries;
  • families and friends of service users/beneficiaries;
  • funders;
  • individual fundraisers;
  • members or supporters;
  • partner organisations;
  • local community; and
  • staff and volunteer.

How to engage with stakeholders

Management committees have numerous opportunities to engage with stakeholders.  Consider the following list and note what you do already or where there are opportunities for more creative engagement.  An open and responsive management committee will incorporate a combination of communication, consultation and involvement.  More.....


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