Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Volunteer Now)

Volunteer Now was commissioned by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS), to develop this publication, which contains minimum standards of best practice and guidance for organisations working with adults at risk in the voluntary, community and independent sectors.

Volunteer Now developed the publication in consultation with a Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Advisory Group comprising representatives from key voluntary, independent sector and statutory agencies with experience and expertise in their field. 

The eight minimum standards and guidance in 'Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - A Shared Responsibility' is applicable to a wide range of organisations representing different adult groups and different areas of vulnerability.  The publication will be useful for small voluntary and community organisations that have no adult safeguarding policy in place and those reviewing their existing policy.  It will also be useful for organisations providing Regulated Services, who will find that adherence to these standards will enable their compliance with the requirements for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults set out in the Minimum Standards published by the DHSSPS and in the Quality Assessment Framework under Supporting People.

Click here to access download options from Volunteer Now's website, including the most recent amendments.