code of conduct

Gifts and Hospitality

Organisations need to agree in advance whether or not it is acceptable for members of the management committee/board, staff or volunteers to receive gifts from services users, suppliers, customers or anyone else connected with the work of the organisation.

In general it may be allowable to receive a one off token gift but where something of more value or a regular gift it may be unacceptable. The key issue is to ensure this is agreed in advance and that everyone is clear about the rules, which are in place.

Code of Conduct

It is useful when a new committee is elected to agree a code of conduct to underpin how committee members should behave towards one another both during and outside of meetings.  It is good to have a framework in place because it helps to safeguard relationships in times of difficulty and it underlines individual's commitment to the work of the organisation.  Use discussions regarding the Code of Conduct's content to reiterate what is expected from committee members. Ensure you agree procedures for dealing with a breach of the Code and establish who will enforce these.