conflicts of interest

Gifts and Hospitality

Organisations need to agree in advance whether or not it is acceptable for members of the management committee/board, staff or volunteers to receive gifts from services users, suppliers, customers or anyone else connected with the work of the organisation.

In general it may be allowable to receive a one off token gift but where something of more value or a regular gift it may be unacceptable. The key issue is to ensure this is agreed in advance and that everyone is clear about the rules, which are in place.

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest arises when the interests of a member of the management committee/board are in conflict with the interests of the organisation they are helping to govern. This can be direct, in relation to the interests of the individual, or indirect, in relation to the interests of a close relative or business partner.

Conflicts of Interest Policies

Limited companies

Remember! Company directors have a statutory obligation to avoid conflicts of interest. For more advice click here.

Employees, volunteers and trustees should all put the interests of the charity first. A conflict of interests may arise where the objective of the organisation and the interests of management committee members or employees or volunteers do not coincide.