Reviewing the performance of the board

Performance appraisal of the management committee or of individual members may seem daunting or even offputting.  However, as volunteers, it is good practice for committee members to have this opportunity for review and to highlight support and development needs.  As the effective 'guardians' of the organisation, the management committee has a responsibilty to ensure that it is working effectively as a team and continues to be capable of meeting the demands of the role.


Efficiently run committees are more likely to be able to secure and retain the commitment and enthusiasm of all their members. This has to make organising the committee's work effectively a high priority.

Well-organised committees have the following features:

Decision Making

Decision making

Management committees are responsible for taking major strategic decisions and need to take decisions jointly with other members. In making any big decision, a number of steps are involved, including some or all of the following:-

Dealing With Poor Attendance

However, where committees are anxious not to completely lose valued members, many struggle to deal with this issue and are reluctant to take the necessary steps to improve attendance.

The chairperson is responsible for dealing with poor attendance.  S/he needs to find out what the governing document/constitution says about attendance and apply the rules.  (Keeping a register of attendance at management committee meetings and publishing it annually often helps to improve the situation!)

Preventing Damaging Conflict

Healthy conflict, in which conflicting viewpoints are debated, can be of significant benefit to an organisation, if it is effectively managed.  Creating a forum where decisions and approaches are open to challenge and new ideas can be constructively discussed is vital if the management committee/board is to provide effective leadership for the organisation.  It enables the committee to be open and responsive to stakeholders, to adapt to change, to plan effectively for the future, and to regularly review and evaluate its own performance.