Conflict Within Management Committees

Healthy conflict, in which conflicting viewpoints are debated, can be of significant benefit to an organisation, if it is effectively managed.  However unhealthy conflict can divert energy, demoralise staff and volunteers, and prevent the organisation from fulfilling its mission.

Voluntary organisations are strongly value-based, and may experience intense conflicts about directions and policies.  Others have difficulty due to conflicting roles or personal differences. 

Dealing With Damaging Conflict

If allowed to persist, damaging conflict can harm the ability of the organisation to fulfil its mission.  They can put off potential funders and donors, placing the organisation's finances at risk and damaging the organisation's reputation.  As a result, staff and volunteers can become demoralised and service users or beneficiaries can be placed at risk.

Dealing With Conflict: What To Do When...

Most management committees/boards have some sort of challenge with individual members. Here's some examples with ideas regarding how you can handle this effectively.

Remember! All committee members have a valuable role to play. The diversity of membership, with differing backgrounds, skill-sets, experience and personalities can be a source of strength for the organisation if effectively managed.