senior staff member

Senior staff member

Management Committees can struggle to effectively manage the most senior staff member in the organisation. This can be for a variety of reasons, sometimes the most senior staff member has been with the organisation a long time and is more experienced than some members of the committee.  Generally the most senior staff member will have more information about the day to day running of an organisation.

Staff Management

Where a voluntary organisation employs paid staff, the Management Committee is ultimately the employer.  The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the organisation's policies and practices are compliant with relevant legislation, are kept up to date and that its employment practices are at an acceptable standard.  Good people management helps to contribute to the organisation's overall effectiveness and its ability to achieve its objectives. This of course brings additional responsibilities both legally and practically in terms of managing staff.

Positive working relationships

Positive working relationships within an organisation help to get things done effectively. Conflict in whatever form is distructive and detracts from a normal, productive, working environment.  Trustees need to ensure that they are giving leadership by modelling positive working relationships, as well as taking action to improve things when there are difficulties.  This is part of their duty in ensure their organisations are efectively managed.

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