volunteer management

Volunteer Management

Involving volunteers

In 2016 Northern Ireland, just under a third (32%) of respondents to the Department for Social Development's volunteering survey indicated that they had carried out voluntary work within the past year. 

Many voluntary organisations indicate that they can not manage without their volunteers.

Positive working relationships

Positive working relationships within an organisation help to get things done effectively. Conflict in whatever form is distructive and detracts from a normal, productive, working environment.  Trustees need to ensure that they are giving leadership by modelling positive working relationships, as well as taking action to improve things when there are difficulties.  This is part of their duty in ensure their organisations are efectively managed.

For more information on managing conflict within committees.

Conflict Within Management Committees

Healthy conflict, in which conflicting viewpoints are debated, can be of significant benefit to an organisation, if it is effectively managed.  However unhealthy conflict can divert energy, demoralise staff and volunteers, and prevent the organisation from fulfilling its mission.

Voluntary organisations are strongly value-based, and may experience intense conflicts about directions and policies.  Others have difficulty due to conflicting roles or personal differences.