Employment Law Help! Sheet

Employing staff is a big responsibility! The Management Committee, as the employer, must ensure that the organisation's policies and practices are compliant with relevant legislation, are kept up to date, and its employment practices are at an acceptable standard.

This helps to contribute to your organisation's overall effectiveness.

Key areas of employment law

Remember! As an employer, you need to be aware of legislation, which usually sets minimum standards for areas such as:

Terms and conditions of employment Pensions
Annual leave Redundancy
Dependant leave Statutory sick pay
Discipline and grievance Termination of employment
Equal opportunities Maternity/parental Leave
Equal pay National minimum wage
Health and safety Working time regulations
Recruitment Handling dismissals

Where can I find out more?

For a 'one-stop shop' on employment law and practice, try the following sources:

Highly recommended:

Labour Relations Agency - provides free training and downloadable resources on employment areas. Tel: 028 9032 1442. Website: www.lra.org.uk

Also useful:

Department for Employment and Learning - provides downloadable information on employment rights and practice. Website: www.delni.gov.uk

NI Direct - Under Information & Services: Employment, provides a range of useful guidance and key contacts. Website: www.nidirect.gov.uk

Employing People (NICVA)

For the best contacts for each specific area, look at:

Employment:  where can I go for more information? - provides links to useful contacts organised according to each area of employment law or practice.

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