Planning Recruitment and Elections

In order to plan effectively for your Management Committee recruitment, there are key things you need to know.  These are relevant regardless of the size of your organisation.

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Use our practical worksheets to help you build your own recruitment plan.

What you need to know...

1. Know your boundaries

What does your governing document say about who should be on your Management Committee?

2. Know your procedures

What procedures are set down in our governing document or by the Management Committee for recruiting, selecting and electing or appointing new members?  Do special procedures apply for appointing office bearers?

3. Know your committee

What are the gaps in skills, knowledge or representation on your committee?  What kind of individual would strengthen your committee?

4. Know the role

What exactly is involved in being a Management Committee member?

5. Know your opportunities

How will you find and attract the kind of individual(s) you need on your committee?

6. Know your induction strategy

How will you introduce new members to their role?  What information and support do new members need to carry out their responsibilities?

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