Principle 7

Openness and accountability

The management committee/board should be open and accountable to stakeholders about its own work and the governance of the organisation.

(Supporting principle to Principle 7 of The Code of Good Governance)

The Management Committee must be able to account for everything the organisation does. Even though your group or organisation may have paid staff and/or volunteers, the Management Committee is ultimately responsible and may be held liable for the consequences of actions taken or not taken.

However the Management Committee is not only required to be accountable, but to be able to demonstrate and communicate this to stakeholders by ensuring that appropriate systems and procedures are in place. By doing so, they reduce their risks of personal liability should things go wrong.

Access articles and resources in this section to help you understand how Management Committees can demonstrate accountability, with links to information on monitoring and evaluation and on managing risks. You may also find it useful to explore the whole area of legal liability, to understand when and why the Management Committee may be held liable and what can be done to limit this liability.