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If an organisation is a company limited by guarantee, (i.e. incorporated) it may choose to have a Company Secretary.  Since April 2008 there is no longer a requirement to have a company secretary unless the articles of association state that there must be one.  However because the role that the Company Secretary plays still needs to be completed many companies still choose to have one.  An employee can be a Company Secretary  but this does not automatically make them a Director of the Company.

The responsibilities of the Company Secretary are different from those of the Honorary Secretary and are to ensure that relevant rules and regulations of the Companies Act are complied with.  Download: Company Secretary Role Description

If a company has a company secretary the following details should be entered in the register of secretaries (which is maintained by the company and must be available for public inspection):

The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland is the chartered membership and qualifying body for people working in governance, risk and compliance, including company secretaries.