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Charity Commission NI Review Updated Guidance


Review Updated Guidance

The Charity Commission for NI has recently updated the Running Your Charity Guidance and the Using and Understanding the Register Guidance.  Both pieces of guidance have been broken down into smaller booklets for the ease of readers.

The Running Your Charity guidance has been broke down into four parts:

  • Part one:  Who are trustees and what do they do?
  • Part two: Meeting the public benefit requirement
  • Part three: Finance, funding and annual reporting
  • Part four: Good governance and managing risks

The Using and Understanding the Register has also been broken down into four booklets:

  • Booklet one: What is the register of charities
  • Booklet two: Updating your details on the register: A guide for charity trustees
  • Booklet three: Charity accounts on the register
  • Booklet four: Searching the Charity register

The Commission is eager to gather feedback from critical friends on these changes.  If you would be interested in reviewing the updated guidance, please contact Erin at [email protected].  Your feedback and support are invaluable.