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NICVA Cyber Security Event


What Trustees Need To Know About Cyber Security

This two-hour online webinar will give you an overview of best practice in cyber security and how you can protect your organisation. It is designed for trustees/board members and will outline the responsibilities of the board in this area.

The Code of Good Governance sets out the principles and key elements of good governance for the boards of voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland. Principle 3 of the Code states that the board should maintain control, make effective decisions and manage risk

Good cyber security is all about managing risks. The process for improving and governing cyber security will be similar to the process you use for other organisational risks. It is a continuous process and has three overlapping components, in the National Cyber Security Board Toolkit, summarised below:

  • Get the information you need to make well informed decisions on the risks you face.
  • Use this information to understand and prioritise your risks.
  • Take steps to manage those risks.

This FREE online training session delivered by Simon Whittaker, Vertical Structure CEO, will give you the information you need which will help you prioritise and manage your risks.

The vast majority of cyber attacks originate when someone clicks on an unsafe link or attachment. With cyber threats constantly changing, automated email security programmes only go so far to eliminate bad links.That’s why, for an organisation to be wholly secure, all levels, including board members, need to have an awareness of cyber security.

The aim of this session is to give board members an overview of their responsibilities in cyber security and actions that they can take to improve the cyber security of their organisation.

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