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Revised Code of Good Governance Launched!

The 3rd edition of the Code of Good Governance has been launched by Nicole Lappin, Chief Charity Commissioner on 2 November 2021.

The Code of Good Governance is a voluntary set of standards on good governance practice for the boards of voluntary and community organisations produced by the Developing Governance Group.  The pocket-sized booklet of earlier editions of the Code has been widely distributed to all types of boards in the sector.

This latest edition of the Code, which was consulted on in late 2019, has been revised to make the principles clearer and includes more recommended practice within the principles to help Trustees see the expected standards more easily.

Thanks to funding from the Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland, the Developing Governance Group will republish the revised Code of Good Governance in booklet form (available from the end of November) and will redevelop the DIY Committee Guide website along with a revised healthcheck which should be launched next year.