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Strategic Plan Step 6: Monitor and Review

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The final step in any planning process is to monitor and evaluate progress.  The same way as you check the signposts along a road when completing a journey, it is similarly important to check that development is on track.

The management committee should use reports against its annual operational plans to review progress towards meeting the strategic aims and objectives.  Therefore, they must ensure that whoever is doing the work is keeping appropriate records so that progress can be assessed.  This will involve, at the implementation stage of your plan, being clear what systems and structures are required.  The things you decide to measure will give an indication of how well you’re doing, hence, the name indicators or performance measures.

Before completing your plan, you need to agree how and when it will be monitored and reviewed and what information the Management Committee needs to receive in order to review progress.

When reviewing progress towards achieving the strategic aims and objectives, the Management Committee should:

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