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Strategic Plan Step 3: Where Are We Going?

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Having reviewed your current situation and the challenges and changes which will affect your future development, the next stage in strategic planning is to come to a common agreement regarding what the future should look like.

To answer this question you will need to clarify:

Your priorities for the coming period

Identify and agree your main priorities (e.g. services and key areas of work) for the period of the strategic plan (usually 3 or 5 years).  These priority areas should emerge from your SWOT analysis of your internal and external environment and their affect on your organisation’s future.

Strategic Aims

Identify and write strategic aims (goals) for the organisation.  Strategic aims are broad statements of what the organisation hopes to achieve.

They should:

Download Worksheet: Priorities and Strategic Aims

Download Worksheet: Developing Strategic Objectives

Download Example strategic aims

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