Treasurer role description

An example role description.

Remember! Contents should always be tailored to suit your own organisation.

Example chairperson application form

The attached example form is used along with the standard committee member application form.

Example co-option form

An example of a co-option form which can be used in the recruitment process.

Always ensure that example documents are tailored to suit your organisation.

Checklist: Induction of new members

All new committee members need to know about the organisation, how it operates and their roles and responsibilities.

Worksheet: Plan a recruitment campaign

Use this form to think through who and how you will recruit new members onto your Management Committee.

Checklist: Involving volunteers

Involving Volunteers is a good practice checklist for organisations involving volunteers.

Worksheet: Carrying out a skills diversity audit

A skills diversity audit can be used to identify areas of knowledge or skill that need to be developed, either within the existing management committee or through targeted recruitment of new member

Worksheet: Your governing document and recruitment

Remember! If your organisation is a limited company, Companies House must be advised within 14 days of any changes to the company directors.

Example: New members information sheet

Designed for use in the recruitment process, attached are two different examples of how you can present key information regarding the role and responsibilities of management committee members.

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