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  4. Providing all board members with opportunities for training and development according to their needs
  5. How will training/development/support needs be addressed

Principle 2

How will training/development/support needs be addressed

There are a number of options for addressing your identified skills needs.  Consider what is most appropriate for each area and which best suits the dynamic and resources of your management committee.  Options include to:

  • access further information, advice and resources on specific topics and disseminate to committee members – this can be useful to enable committee members to learn and development independently in their own time
  • develop your own in-house training sessions – much of the documentation and resources on this site can be downloaded and used to develop your own mini training sessions (please refer to copyright notes)
  • identify other third sector or statutory organisations that can provide free tailored support and advice
  • Identify specialist consultants or companies that can provide the advice or training at a cost