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  4. Finding, recruiting and retiring board members to meet the organisation’s changing needs in line with the governing document, taking into account skills, experience and diversity
  5. Publicise widely and use an application form

Principle 2

Publicise widely and use an application form

Preferred by some large organisations or where an organisation wishes to assess against key competencies for the role; and/or formally request permission to check criminal records due to financial responsibilities involved or access to children or vulnerable adults through role.


  • Ensures that all candidates are asked to present same categories of information and therefore increases fairness and consistency
  • Questions on the form can be tailored to requirements of the role ensuring selection is on basis of relevant information only
  • Formal requests for checking criminal records or declarations on other issues which could preclude their membership can be incorporated
  • Applicants can be measured against criteria. Encourages applicants to consider in advance the demands of the role and whether they have the appropriate skills and qualities


  • Approach is very formal and time-consuming for the applicant and may reduce the number of applications