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  4. Finding, recruiting and retiring board members to meet the organisation’s changing needs in line with the governing document, taking into account skills, experience and diversity
  5. Publicise widely and seek submissions of CVs

Principle 2

Publicise widely and seek submissions of CVs

Usual process in larger organisations or where an organisation wishes to attract individuals from a wider geographical area or individuals with particular experience or expertise who may not already be known to the organisation.


  • Allows both candidates known and those new to the organisation to apply and be considered
  • Gives an overview of candidates’ skills and experience
  • Allows for the setting of a deadline for CVs to be received
  • Helps create a pool of candidates to select from
  • Candidates can be asked for references


  • Some applicants and some organisations may find the formality off-putting
  • CVs can be of varying detail and quality and may not present candidates in equal light
  • CVs do not necessarily address the criteria that have been set by the organisation
  • May disadvantage those for whom English is not their first language or those with a disability