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  4. Consider organisational responsibilities to the wider community, society and the environment
  5. Encourage clean transportation

Principle 5

Encourage clean transportation

Transportation is another big contributor to many organisations’ environmental footprint.  Making it easy for employees to use clean transport and reducing the amount of travel employees have to do for work can make a big difference.

Consider installing bike racks that include protection from the elements and electric car chargers at the office.  This will make it more feasible for employees to use these transportation modes.  If acquiring new premises, make access to public transportation a key consideration.

You might also choose to conduct more meetings via phone or zoom, Teams, or video conference instead of taking physical trips, as many organisations have learnt to do during COVID 19 and enable staff to work at least part of their week from home.  If you provide company cars, ensure they are clean-running, such as an electric car or hybrid.