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Principle 2

Periodically reviewing their individual contribution and performance as a team

Reviewing the performance of the board

The management committee should regularly review and assess its own performance, that of individual management committee members and of sub-committees and working groups.

Performance appraisal of the management committee or of individual members may seem daunting or even off-putting.  However, as volunteers, it is good practice for committee members to have this opportunity for review and to highlight support and development needs.  As the effective ‘guardians’ of the organisation, the management committee has a responsibility to ensure that it is working effectively as a team and continues to be capable of meeting the demands of the role.

How can appraisals be carried out?

Each management committee needs to put in place appropriate mechanisms to facilitate regular performance appraisal of the management committee, individual committee members, and any sub-committees and working groups.  The committee will need to agree:

  • How frequently will the appraisal take place?
  • How will the management committee’s collective performance be reviewed and assessed?
  • How will the performance of sub-committees/advisory groups/standing groups be reviewed?
  • Who will be responsible for individual appraisal of committee members?
  • Who will be responsible for appraisal of honorary officers?
  • What mechanisms, procedures or approach will be used for individual performance appraisal?

Performance appraisal tools

Whether your management committee appears to be operating relatively smoothly or has already identified issues, it is still worthwhile taking time to regularly review how effectively your committee is able to carry out its role and responsibilities, ensuring that your organisation has clear direction and purpose.

There are a number of tools available to assist you in doing this:

  1. Rate your effectiveness using a simple checklist

This simple tool avoids much of the detail but can help small groups start to think about areas where they could improve how the committee operates.  Handy enough to be used by the whole committee.  Download:  Checklist: How Effective is Your CommitteeWant to go further?  This action plan template helps you to document areas of concern and plan action to address areas for development.

  1. Use the Governance Health Check questionnaire, based on The Code of Good Governance (updated 2021) developed specifically for voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland, the Code provides a benchmark for good practice.  Download: The Code of Good Governance.