Internal controls

Governance Health Check

This governance health check is a self assessment tool which has been devised by the Developing Governance Group as a prac

Trustee expenses and payments (Charity Commission)

The Charity Commission for England and Wales has available on their website a number of resources regarding remuneration of trustees (i.e.

Records and book-keeping for community groups (SCNI factsheet)

When a group is formed, constituted and office bearers elected, one of the first tasks to be undertaken by the Treasurer is to develop a good accounting system.  The ideal book-keeping system should be simple enough to allow you to keep records up to date with minimum effort while providing the necessary information to run and control the organisation.

Legal responsibilities: where can I get more information?

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are a range of recommended sources of further information and advice regarding the legal responsibilities of Management Committees.

Demonstrating accountability

The Management Committee/ Trustee Board is not only required to be accountable, but to be able to demonstrate this to stakeholders through ensuring that appropriate systems and procedures are in pl

What policies do you need to develop?

The need for policy development needs to be kept under constant review. Organisations need to consider both internal and external policies required by the organisation. 

Financial terms - what do they mean?

To help you understand the basics of accounting, it is important to keep abreast of jargon used. We've compiled this list of terms used (some more regularly than others).

Financial procedures

Community Change

Segregation of duties

Community Change

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